Endangered Whales Chow Down in Cape Cod

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A new restaurant has opened on the Cape Cod coast – but you have to be a whale to eat there.  The right whale, whose easiness to hunt and kill earned them their name (the “right” whale to hunt), are now considered endangered, with only about 473 left in the world.  However, shocked whale watchers and scientists have spotted 200 of them recently just off of the coast of Cape Cod in Massachusetts.

The 90 ton, 50 foot whales are congregating in Cape Cod due to an unexplained plethora of plankton, the whales’ main food source, in the area.

“The current must be piling the plankton up,” explained Charles “Stormy” Mayo, of the Center for Coastal Studies, to ABC News. “[There’s] a patch of food, of unbelievable richness that’s just stretching right along this edge.”

Which is good news for animal lovers, who are getting an up close and personal view of these majestic, rare creatures without even having to leave the beach.

“They’re so big and magnificent, you just see them and … it gives you chills,” gushed whale fan Deb Gustavson to ABC News. “They’re amazing.”

So if you’re a right whale reading this article, get down to Cape Cod quick while the eating is good.


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