Stranded Sea Lion Pup Gets a Car Ride to Safety

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Sea Lion pup rescuedIt was not a co-passenger Mike Delahunt expected to be sitting in his car. But early Wednesday a seal lion pup made itself comfortable in his vehicle as the stunned driver found the ailing animal on his way to work.

Mike Delahunt was on his way to work driving along the Mission Bay Drive near the freeway when he saw an ailing animal near SeaWorld San Diego. At first it appeared to be a dog.

“I thought it was a dog, then a possum. I couldn’t believe it when I saw it,” Delahunt said.

Mike covered the baby sea lion with a towel to keep it warm. When he opened the car, the sea lion jumped right in!

The rescue team coaxed it out of its saviour’s car about an hour later.

The number of accidents including sea lions has only increased in the last few months. It involves baby sea lions in beach communities from Santa Barbara to San Diego.

Federal wildlife officials declared an “unusual mortality event” for the California sea lion this year.

To date, Sea world has rescued 227 sea lions most of them pups, which is more than the number rescued in both 2011 and 2012.

Keith Yip from SeaWorld said this could be due to high number of pups and low availability of food.



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