Rescued Black Bear Cub Could Be Euthanized

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An abandoned black bear cub who was rescued from the side of a Manitoba highway nine days ago  just can’t seem to get a break.  Despite being nursed back to health by a local Rene Dubois, the cub still could be euthanized by the Manitoba Conservation Department.

“I felt sorry for him,” Dubois said Tuesday. The cub, barely able to stand, appeared to be starving. “He would have been dead. No chance for survival.”

Once home with the cub Dubois contacted a conservation official who said he might be fined for his actions as it is illegal to keep a wild animal.

A bear sanctuary in Ontario has offered to take the cub—if Dubois can get the proper paperwork. People can’t transport wild animals without a permit and conservation officials told him they don’t issue permits to take an animal out of province.

The sanctuary is trying to work with conservation officials to find a solution.

The Dubois, however, have quickly grown attached to their furry guest.

“He’s part of the family now,” said Jeanne, Renee’s wife . Just like a little child, “he plays all day and then he drops in his bed.”

The couple learned about how to raise the bear online and have been feeding him a mixture of fruit, drizzled with honey, and a mixture of Pablum and milk from a baby’s bottle.

They have also named him Makoon; an aboriginal word meaning “little bear.”

Makoon has quickly become a celebrity in their town.  Rene estimates 600 people already have visited Makoon.

As an avid hunter, Rene realizes Makoon can’t remain a house pet for long.  After just a week, the couple now prefers to wear heavy gloves when feeding the bear as he is quite frisky during feedings.

On the day that Renee found Makoon he was on his way to purchase bear bait.

 “Every year I get (a bear),” Dubois said, but “not this one.”

Hopefully conservation authorities will be able to work something out with the Ontario bear sanctuary to ensure this bear lives a full life.  After all black bears are part of our heritage and should be protected.


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