Phoenix Zoo Becomes Temporary Home for Endangered Red Squirrels

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With the recent wildfires sweeping Arizona, the species most under threat are those who live in this habitat like the endangered Mount Graham red squirrels. To save the species from extinction the Phoenix zoo has teamed up with the US Fish and Wildlife service to provide temporary home to four of the rare red squirrels.

Endangered Mount Graham red squirrels are found only in the Pinaleño Mountains, According to a recent survey there population is only 214. With the recent spats of wildfires in Arizona, the US Fish and wildlife service feared that the animals were at extreme risk of extinction.

Hence, plans were made to trap four of the endangered mount graham red squirrels. The squirrels that have been transferred to the phoenix zoo will serve as a seed population of the species in case of a catastrophe. These animals and their offspring are being saved now so that they can be later released in the wild again.

The fours red squirrels have been kept at Phoenix Zoo’s climate controlled conservation centre.

“The Phoenix Zoo’s Arthur L. and Elaine V. Johnson Foundation Native Species Conservation Center is an ideal location for these squirrels to be cared for during the peak fire season,” says Marit Alanen, lead biologist for the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.

The department is also considering a breeding program for the species and if the program is approved then the squirrels may remain in the zoo for a longer time to help in the captive breeding effort.


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  1. Simone says:

    Mount Graham Red Squirrels are sooooo CUTE!!!!! And we should all help save them before they become extinct. If you do some research on them you will find that they can live independantly and survive themselves, but they can’t survive with habitat loss. So pleaseeee!!! HELP THEM!

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