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Documentary Looks at Paris Zoo Orangutan

Nenette is that star of a new documentary that looks at the life of the Pars Zoo’s oldest inhabitant. The new movie watches her as she lives in the glass confines of her cage along side her son and two cage mates, watching life pass them by at the zoo.


With Help Asian Tigers Could Triple

The Asian tiger populations have been dropping dangerously low, putting the big cat on the endangered species list. With global help, however, their numbers could easily triple one report shows.


Are Lions Going Extinct?

There is no animal that better stands for wildlife than the mighty lion. An animal that expresses pride and courage, the lion has been the animal of choice for many wildlife animal lovers. However, some worry that this majestic animal is actually going extinct.


Sharks Swim in the Streets in Australia

The recent flooding in parts of Australia has been a boon for some sharks, who have taken the the tows in search of new food. The increased flood waters have allowed bull sharks to swim in areas once only land.


Blindfolded Dolphins Can Still “See”

Dolphins have an incredible sense of hearing, something that an ongoing study by scientists is looking at. Even when blindfolded, dolphins seem to be able to see what others are doing.


Idaho To Get Large Wildlife Preserve

Thanks to an anonymous donation, an Idaho Wildlife Preserve will grow to be one of the biggest in the nation. The 2,700-acre donation in Jefferson County was given by an elderly couple to connect two existing preserves together into one large one.