Baby Dolphin Raised By Humans

There was a shocking discovery recently on a beach in Uruguay – a beached baby dolphin.  While the female dolphin was alive, it still had its umbilical cord attached.  She was shipped from the beach near Montevido City to S.O.S Rescate Fauna Marina, which handles wildlife rescues.

Since arriving at the centre, the baby La Plata dolphin is getting five-star treatment.  This includes being hand-fed by a baby bottle and taken on field trips to the sea to go for swims.  The dolphin ended up in the right place – the S.O.S Rescate Fauna Marina famously saved another baby dolphin last November.

The La Plata dolphin lives in the Atlantic Ocean in southeastern South America.  The dolphins reside in saltwater despite technically being part of the river dolphin family.  It is known for its long beak (longest in proportion to their body size of all marine mammals) and large flippers.  And it is very good news that this stranded baby dolphin was rescued, considered La Plata dolphins are labeled as “vulnerable species”, as they are a rather rare mammal to begin with (only living in a small region in South America) whose numbers take a hit due to large amounts of them being accidentally caught in fishing nets every year.