Games with Animals

Animal Games for Boys and Girls

The best children’s animal & pet games for children of all ages
If your children are nature lovers, you have arrived at the perfect place! We show you an exclusive selection with the best children’s online animal games for children of all ages. Through them, the smallest of the house can have fun while learning about languages, forms, mathematics and even the habits and characteristics of hundreds of animals.

Online games are a fantastic way to distract and educate children at the same time. In fact, digital recreational activities are one of the methods used by psychopedagogues and teachers to promote intellectual, physical and emotional development from an early age, because:

Its dynamism and cheerful colors work visual perception
Your animated designs and sound effects capture your attention
They have songs and sounds that sharpen your auditory sense
Stimulate memory, attention and communication by acquiring valuable tools for the future.

They are a fun way to teach them words in another language, numbers, forms or how to perform simple mathematical operations
The best? Online animal games are free and you can access them at any time of the day from your computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone.

Types of Online Games with Animals

Within this catalog of children’s animal games you can find different types of games that activate – directly or indirectly – certain brain areas or that have been designed for children to obtain a certain skill.

For example, some games promote the development of selective attention so that children learn how to focus on a particular stimulus. This will help them improve concentration and reading comprehension in hectic environments. Others, emit images and sounds that change quickly so that they improve their ability to stay alert.

Benefits of Playing

  • Expand your vocabulary
  • Exercise your visomotor coordination
  • Strengthen visual discrimination of colors and shapes
  • Understand game patterns and how to follow instructions
  • Set knowledge about the characteristics of animals (fur, color, shape, where they live, how they communicate, what they eat, etc.)
  • Ideal to instill respect for life and the planet

Apart from its psychomotor and educational benefits, animal games are also perfect to instill respect for life and the environment for the little ones in the house.

It is proven that, through games with themes of the animal world, children learn to feel admiration and empathy for all species. This not only allows them to integrate correctly into society, but also helps them develop the emotional intelligence they need to be able to share with their pets, classmates, friends and other adults.