Grizzly takes a Dip in a California Family Pool : The World We Share

The heat became so unbearable for a black bear in California that it decided to cool off by dipping under water. But his swim was not in a lake in the wild but in a luxury backyard pool of a family in the area.

Sisters Rachel and Valerie Gaspirini had the surprise of their lives when they spotted a black beer sneaking into their family home in California. What tempted the bear was their luxury pool and its cool water.

“We thought it was just going to drink from the pool but it ends up jumping on in,” said the sisters later.

The bear confidently splashed around the pool like an expert swimmer. It twisted and turned and shook its fur even as the sisters video recorded the action on their mobile phones.

The bear even saw the sisters watching but continued to swim until it felt refreshed and cool.

“It sees us videotaping and staring but totally doesn’t care and takes a casual five-minute swim.”

After staring at the beautiful countryside for a while the uninvited wild house guest left peacefully.

Luckily, it did not wait to thank the sisters with a bear hug!