Injured Dolphin asks for Help from Divers in Hawaii : The World We Share

There are men who make survival difficult for animals and then there are men who help. But one bottlenose dolphin witnessed both faces of humans, when it got entangled in a carelessly left fishing line and then got help from divers, who set it free.

Keller Laros and fellow divers were diving near Kona, Hawaii when a wild bottlenose dolphin swam very close to them and continued to shadow them. The group soon realized that the animal was in distress.

The helpless dolphin had become entangled in a fishing line and a hook was caught in its fin, preventing it from swimming properly.

But the divers were surprised when the dolphin readily approached them and positioned its body in such a way that Keller could remove the fishing line.

As manta rays swam around the group, one diver even managed to capture the incredible underwater rescue.

The dolphin waited patiently for Keller to cut the line. It also rolled on its back and adjusted its position to give better access.

Dolphins are considered one of the most intelligent creatures in the world. At one point this clever fellow even went above water for a quick breather and returned to the same position to allow the divers to free it completely from the hook and line.

Once the task was done, it happily swam away, leaving a memory of a lifetime with every diver who had helped.