Conservationists Use Baby Dolphin to Rescue Pod of 100-150 Dolphins

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Earlier this month, the Department of Environment and Conservation (DEC) responded on a mass dolphin stranding at Two Peoples Bay Nature on Western Australia’s south coast. After assessing the situation, DEC decided it would be best to give the 100-150 spotted dolphins a chance to get out on their own.


“The good thing is they are not beached, but are milling around in the water,” regional leader nature conservation Deon Utber said on the website shortly after the assessment. “They aren’t leaving the area at the moment, but we’re hoping that with the high tide this afternoon they will move off into deeper water under their own steam.”

But when that didn’t happen, and one of the dolphins died, it became clear that something else would need to be done to help the disoriented dolphins find their way back out to sea.  So the DEC put together a plan – a plan that used the aid of one of the pod’s smallest members. Thankfully, that plan turned out to be wonderfully successful.

Before they could carry out their plan, DEC had to wait until high tide. At that time they took one of the baby dolphins from the pod and “translocated” it to a deeper section of the water. From there, the baby started sending out distress signals, which reached the rest of the pod. Just as the conservationists had hoped, the pod responded to those call and followed it on out and met up with the baby in deeper waters. From there, they all swam out to sea and haven’t been seen since.Watch Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download




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