Family Finds Baby Seal in Their Backyard

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A family living off the coast of Muraste, were in for a surprise on Monday when they discovered a wild visitor in their backyard. Crawling behind their backyard bushes was a baby white seal.

The family was first made aware of the intruder when their pet dog began barking loudly spotting the baby seal. On realizing that it might have strayed from the sea just a few hundred metres away from their home, the family decided to carry it back to the waters.

However, although they attempted to approach the marine animal many times they were soon aware that that it was not going to be an easy task. Being a wild creature, the baby remained aggressive.

According to the Environment Board, seals even if they are infants, can bite and it is not a good idea to approach or pet these animals. The bite is not only dangerous but there is a certain kind of bacteria carried by these animals that can lead to arthritis.

Ivar Jüssi, seal researcher at the non-profit organization Pro Mare added, “Of course it is not a good idea to go and pet the seal, because if it puts its teeth into your flesh, it is painful and diseases might occur which medics may not know how to treat right away,”

The family finally called rescuers who made several attempts to catch the seal. It was ultimately placed in a cage successfully and taken back to the safety of the shores.


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