Humpback Whales Crash The Party

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Swedish tourist Carina Shane was enjoying a warm day of boating on the water off the coast of Truro, Massachusetts last week when some uninvited visitors crashed her party.

“It was so hot out, so I decided I’d just have to go in (the water),” she told the Boston Globe.  “I turned and it was three of them coming at me and I panicked.  I was crazy scared.”

The three in question would be humpback whales, who are generally over 40 feet long and weigh close to 40 tons.  Shane was lucky for a couple of reasons – first of all, she ended up not getting turned into whale food, and secondly, her friend in a second boat had a camera to document it all (as is always the case in today’s digitalized age).

“When I saw the whales come out, I was a little freaked out,” the friend in question and Truro resident, Lois Petti, told The Globe.  “The whales were so close to her.  I just grabbed [the camera] it and started shooting and screamed, ‘Get out of the water!’  It was hysterical, in a way, and quite frightening”.

No doubt Carina Shane will remember her trip to the U.S. for quite some time.


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