June 8th is World Oceans Day

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World Oceans Day is June 8th and this year, we are all encouraged to “wear blue and tell two,” to help raise awareness of ocean conservation.

The world’s oceans do a lot for us, and take a beating in the process. We sail on them, fish in them, spill oil on them and even dispose of terrorists in them. But, the oceans aren’t here to be pillaged or dumped in. They are a fragile ecosystem, an indispensible resource, and an integral part of our planet.

Our oceans feed us, regulate the climate, produce the bulk of our oxygen, clean the water we ultimately drink and may, through research, become the pharmacy of the future. Add all of this to the beauty and inspiration we glean, from being near the sea, and it becomes evident; we need the oceans in every conceivable way.

June 8th is the day, set aside each year, to remind us to treat our oceans gently and with respect. This World Oceans Day, the “wear blue and tell two” campaign enlists all of us to dress in blue and share two facts about the ocean, or ways we can help the ocean, with our near and dear.

Spread the word and check out the World Oceans Day website (worldoceansday.org) to learn more and discover events taking place in your area. – Jen R, Staff Writer

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