Meet Magdalena The two-headed, Five-Legged Tortoise! {VIDEO}

Meet Magdalena, a unique reptile belonging to Roman Gresak from Zilina in Slovakia. The tiny tortoise has made news after she was born with 2 working heads and 5 legs!

Zoologists say Magdalena’s unique case is comparable to Siamese twins, where during the pregnancy the embryos don’t separate correctly.

Each of the heads has its own nerve system and the tortoise has got two brains, which work independently from each other. The question still remains how the systems are connected within the body and which functions they share.

The tortoise, however, wouldn’t survive in the wild because other tortoises would exclude her from their collective.

Owner Roman says that having the extra appendages can also sometimes be a burden.

“The second head sometimes doesn’t allow the tortoise to know where to go,” Mr Gresak said.