A lion rescued from abuse, a macaque freed from cruel evidence or the duel of a dog after its owner dies.
Love for animals is one of the most powerful weapons of the human being, especially when this affection, and usually it is, is reciprocated. All those who have a pet understand the magnitude of such a relationship, as well as the important role that the animal plays in the family.

What is perhaps less known is that the interaction between man and animal played a key role in the evolution of the species and that our language and our empathy would not be the same without them.

Next, we remember five of the most tender stories between animals and people that have touched our hearts:

Dindin, the Grateful Penguin

Dindim, a Magellanic penguin, appeared dying on a beach in Brazil five years ago. Joao Pereira de Souza, a 71-year-old local pensioner, found him dying among some rocks, covered in oil. The man took the animal home, where he cleaned it and struggled to keep him alive for a week . Once recovered, Joao returned the little penguin to the sea. What Joao did not expect was that the animal would return a few months later to the same beach where one day he rescued it.

In fact, today the seabird, already baptized as Dindim, spends eight months a year living with the old man. When the breeding season comes, the penguin swims to the coast of Argentina and Chile. But as soon as his instinct to preserve the species allows it, he returns to Mr. Pereira’s house, which is already his home.

Captain, the Dog That Lives Next to its Owner’s Grave

Since Miguel died, his dog, Captain feels very lonely. One of the ways he has to express it and be closer to what his master and caregiver was is by approaching the grave every day, in the Argentine city of Córdoba, and lying on top.

As Miguel’s wife explained, the dog was a gift for his son. Days after Miguel’s death, Captain disappeared from home; He was sleeping on the street for a while, until they lost track of him.

One day, the mother and son went to visit Miguel’s grave and met Captain there. “The dog approached us barking, as if crying,” they confess. Although he was called the dog remained motionless in the grave. A week later, they returned to the cemetery and ran into Captain again. This time he returned home with them, but continues to visit Miguel’s grave daily.

The Embrace of Lion Jupiter, to His Caretaker

The lion Jupiter was accustomed to the spotlights, people, acrobatics, and also to abuse and hunger . The feline, who lived in the city of Cali (Colombia), was one of the star performances for the circus in which he worked.

His ‘savior’ was a woman, Ana Julia Torres, to whom the lion shows her gratitude for having rescued him with hugs and kisses so intense that they are capable of provoking tenderness and fear at the same time.

His caregiver only has good words for him as he says he is the most tender and peaceful he has ever met . Jupiter has forgotten his hard past and now lives happily in an animal center.

Koala Sam, Saved From Fires in

After the terrible and devastating fires that devastated Australia in 2009, the story of the rescue of Koala Sam at the hands of a fireman reached the heart of many people.

The koala was injured, thirsty and lost after the fire in the Port Lincoln forest. His destiny was to die among the ashes, to run the same bad luck as other animals in the forest. Fortunately, a fireman ran into him and the first thing he did was hydrate it with a bottle of water, as if it were a human baby. After catching his breath, the animal that had significant burns on the legs and skin was taken to a care center where he recovered perfectly.

Rescue and Liberation of Britches, the Baby Macaco

In 1985 a group of activists of the Animal Liberation Front, entered the facilities of a Bioterio of the experimentation center, with animals at the University of California. There they found terrible and cruel experiments that would sow hatred against Science.

One of the affected animals was Britches, a Macaco baby whose eyelids were sewn to study if permanent blindness involved brain damage. In addition, he was subjected to endless decibel sessions to check his reaction.

After being rescued, Britches was taken care of 24 hours a day, with the aim of healing his physical wounds, but especially the psychological ones. When the monkey was better, he was moved to a sanctuary in the company of a macaque mother who had already raised other orphaned animals. Thanks to a group of people, Britches recovered the animal life from which he had been stripped.