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Rise in Population of World’s Rarest Amur Leopards in China

Amur Leopards, the most endangered leopards of the world are growing in numbers according to a new population survey that was carried out for the first time at Northeast China’s Jilin Province. The census showed that the population of the leopards had almost doubled in the province.


Camera Trap Captures Rare Amur Leopard in China

A camera trap last month captured the image of a wild Amur leopard in the northeast province of China, increasing hope among conservationists that the endangered animal’s population had stabilized to a certain extent and that it was widening its home range.


WWF Russia Captures Video Footage of Rare Amur Leopards

WWF Russia has recorded some incredible footage of critically endangered Amur Leopards showing that the animals have grown in number over the last few years. The sighting of at least 12 leopards through the hidden cameras also shows mothers with almost grown leopard cubs.