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Fined for Saving A Baby Seal!

A Massachusetts couple has had to pay a big price quite literally for what they thought was a good deed. The two saved a baby seal last weekend and now face a fine of 5,000 dollars as fine!


Lone Ginger Colored Seal Spotted in Russia

For a poor seal pup in Russia, it is not good to be born unique. A photographer spotted a seal in Tyuleniy Island, Russia which had ginger colored fur and blue eyes. Distinctly different from its black siblings, the pup was left alone and ignored by all other seals. The photographer Anatoly Strakhov said, “He […]


Family Finds Baby Seal in Their Backyard

A family living off the coast of Muraste, were in for a surprise on Monday when they discovered a wild visitor in their backyard. Crawling behind their backyard bushes was a baby white seal.