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Momma Orangutan Protectively Cradles Her Baby While Bounty Hunters Close in for the Kill

Over the last several years, many animals have stood on the brink of extinction. For homes for humans, food for humans, paper, chairs and everything else in existence, habitat homes for wildlife are depleting at alarming rates.


Progress Threatening Borneo’s Orangutans

While humans reach the 7 million mark the number of many wild animals is plummeting in the opposite direction with numerous at the threshold of being extinct. One of these animals is the Orangutan of Borneo in Indonesia which is fast losing its natural habitat to man’s need for food and industrialization.


Orangutans Catch Fish, even if they Cannot Swim

Orangutans cannot swim, but that has not prevented them from enjoying fishes for meals which they catch using their long limbs and a little assistance from sharp sticks. This has been found by anthropologist Anne Russon who spent over two years observing the animals.