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The Bronx Zoo Shows Off Their Newest Resident ~ An Adorable White-cheeked gibbon!

How cute is the Bronx Zoo’s newest resident – an adorable white-cheeked gibbon?


Man Jumps 20 Feet to Fall into the Tiger’s Den at Bronx Zoo

In a bizarre incident a man jumped out of a monorail at the Bronx Zoo and landed straight into the tiger exhibit on Friday. The man was badly mauled before zoo keepers rescued him using fire extinguishers.


Playtime At The Bronz Zoo

While most of the US has been crippled by snow this week, all of the animals at the Bronx Zoo seem to be enjoying the fluffy white stuff! All in their element, the Snow Leopard, Azur Tigers and Black Bears played in the snow, while the ring-tailed Lemurs stayed cozy inside as part of the Madagascar! exhibit.