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Scientists Discover 126 New Species in Greater Mekong

The Greater Mekong region spanning Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, Thailand, Vietnam and the southern province of Yunnan in China is a biodiversity hotspot teeming with wildlife. According to a new WWF report scientists discovered 126 new species in the region in 2011.


Extremely Rare Turtle Released back into Cambodian River

A female Southern River terrapin, one of the most endangered turtles of the world, was successfully released into a Cambodian River last Monday midst loud cheers from locals and in the presence of wildlife officials and conservationists. The turtle is also first of the species to have been satellite tagged.


Meet Chhouk, the Elephant with a Prosthetic Foot

When forest officials found Chhouk the baby elephant wandering in the forests of Cambodia, he had lost his mother and was severely injured. He had also lost his front left foot due to injuries from a poacher’s snare. While the future looked grim for this baby elephant, he was saved by timely help from conservationists and a prosthetic foot.