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Sacred Dolphins Facing Extinction

The Irrawaddy dolphin are found in the Mekong River of Southeast Asia and considered sacred by people of Cambodia and Laos. But the marine animals’ days are numbered as a World Wildlife Fund assessment has found that the population of the dolphins has reduced to just 85 in the river.


20 Percent of Mammals Facing Extinction

The doings of one mammal namely humans is killing all others. This has been the finding of a recent study published in the Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society B. The study authors say that at least twenty percent of all known mammals are nearing extinction and the major threat is to the larger species.


Australian Researchers Develop New Index to Measure Species Extinction

While population number of a given species do give conservationists an idea of the threat to the survival of the species, Australian researchers have developed a new index that will help measure the risk of extinction of the species more clearly.


Are Lions Going Extinct?

There is no animal that better stands for wildlife than the mighty lion. An animal that expresses pride and courage, the lion has been the animal of choice for many wildlife animal lovers. However, some worry that this majestic animal is actually going extinct.