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Six-Day-Old Baby Panda in Tokyo Dies of Pneumonia

It had been nearly a quarter of a century since Japan had seen a baby giant panda. The birth of the baby was a moment of joy. The news of the birth spread like wildfire via numerous media outlets. But just six days later, the news of the infant’s death has brought many to tears. Even the China Foreign Ministry offered their condolences.


These Animals Are All Smiles! {Gallery}

Nothing is cuter than seeing an animal that appears to be smiling back at you. And you have to be quick to capture it on film.


Meet Yog-a Bear ~ The Flexible Panda Dubbed ‘YOGA MASTER’

A young panda has been dubbed ‘Yoga Bear’ after he surprised zoo keepers with his flexibility.

The giant panda bear, called Yun Zi, is only 18 months old and is incredibly agile despite weighing 79 pounds.