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How Marine Mammals Stay Underwater for Hours without Breathing

Marine mammals have a special ability, one that humans can hardly replicate. They can hold their breath for hours inside water appearing on the surface for a brief second to fill up and submerge again. Now scientists say they have finally found the property that allows these mammals to do so.


Injured Dolphin asks for Help from Divers in Hawaii

There are men who make survival difficult for animals and then there are men who help. But one bottlenose dolphin witnessed both faces of humans, when it got entangled in a carelessly left fishing line and then got help from divers, who set it free.


20 Percent of Mammals Facing Extinction

The doings of one mammal namely humans is killing all others. This has been the finding of a recent study published in the Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society B. The study authors say that at least twenty percent of all known mammals are nearing extinction and the major threat is to the larger species.