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Apple Apes At Toronto Zoo

Pretty sure this isn’t what Steve Jobs had in mind when he introduced the iPad into the world, but he probably would approve nonetheless. The Toronto Zoo reports that they are close to acquiring an iPad for their Orangutans to use at their facility.


Latest iPad Fans, Orangutans at the Milwaukee County Zoo!

Forget humans, it is the members of the ape world now who are in love with Appleā€™s iPad. A program still in its infancy at the Milwaukee County Zoo is introducing orangutans to the world of the iPad and two of the apes have already become glued to the smart device.


Orangutans Catch Fish, even if they Cannot Swim

Orangutans cannot swim, but that has not prevented them from enjoying fishes for meals which they catch using their long limbs and a little assistance from sharp sticks. This has been found by anthropologist Anne Russon who spent over two years observing the animals.