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Surprise Killer Whale Encounter off a Vancouver Tour Boat!

For passengers of a Vancouver tour boat, Harbour Cruises, it was a sight to remember when last Friday they witnessed a pod of orca whales cruising into the waters underneath the Lions Gate Bridge.


Killer Whales find New Hunting Grounds in Warming Arctic Waters

Marine species in the Arctic were always safe from the attack of Killer Whales as the whales could not survive in the ice cold water. But a new study, which was conducted by the Fisheries and Oceans Canada and the University of Manitoba, has found that the whales are now moving northward in search of prey with warming Arctic waters and depleting sea ice.


Marineland And SeaWorld In A Custody Spat

The two giants in the waterpark industry, Marineland and SeaWorld, are in the midst of an ugly custody spat over Ikaika. Who is Ikaika, you ask? He’s a nine-year-old orca whale that the American SeaWorld lent to their Canadian counterpart, Marineland, back in 2006.