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49 Penguins Released post Oil Spill in New Zealand

Seven weeks ago when Rena Grounding in New Zealand became the tragic site of an oil spill, the impending danger for wildlife was of absolute concern. But Maritime New Zealand (MNZ) says thanks to the efforts put in by National Oiled Wildlife Response Team (NOWRT) much of the disaster has been avoided and 49 penguins were released at Mount Maunganui to mark the beginning of the release as part of the relief program.


Little Penguins get a Pawed Friend

The Little Penguins of Australia have a new guarding angel – An English Springer Spaniel named Eco which has been given the important task of looking after the penguins and also protecting them from predators like fox at the last remaining little penguin colony in NSW.


Penguins Follow Their Noses

Can you recognize a family member just by using your sense of smell? Probably not (unless you have some stinky relatives), but penguins can. In a study revealed in the September issue of Plos ONE, scientists claim that penguins can tell the difference between relatives and mates by scent.