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Chinese Fishermen Caught with Thousands of Pounds of Pangolin Meat

Twelve Chinese fishermen, who were initially caught in Philippines for fishing in the nation’s exclusive economic zone, shocked the world, when it was found that they were carrying thousands of pounds of pangolin meat with them. Pangolins have been a protected animal in international trade since 2002.


Increased Tourist Activity Spells Trouble for Whale Sharks of Oslob

The town of Oslob in Souther Cebu is fast turning into a tourist hotspot because of the presence of Whale Sharks in the area. But without proper know how about the care and handling of the gentle giants, the locals are putting the sharks in grave danger experts say.


Whale Shark Presence turns Oslob into Tourist Hub

The town of Oslob in southern Cebu has suddenly become a tourist attraction thanks to the presence of whale sharks in the waters. But experts fear while tourism is good for the town, locals know little about handling and care of the species and can therefore harm them.