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Conservationists Airlift Rhinos To Safety {Photos}

Photos were released yesterday showing 1,400-kilo rhinos dangling from cords tied to their ankles, as a military helicopter worked to carry the herd of to their new home, away from poachers.


Baby Gorilla saved from being Sold for $40,000

Gorillas are no longer safe in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Last Tuesday the Congolese Wildlife Authority, authorities arrested alleged poachers who were trying to sell a baby gorilla for $40,000. This is the fourth incident reported this year giving a glimpse of the rapidly growing black market for gorillas.


Critically Endangered Ploughshare Tortoises nabbed from Smugglers in Madagascar

Officials in Madagascar were successfully able to thwart the attempts of smugglers who were trying to board a flight with about 200 rare tortoises in their baggage. The final destination of the animals was Jakarta where they would have been sold in the illegal pet market for thousands of dollars.