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With Warming Climate Polar Bears more Vulnerable to Disease Pathogens

Global Warming and shrinking habitat are already some of the challenges Polar bears are facing in today’s world and now, to make their life tougher, a study has revealed how warmer climates could make these animals more vulnerable to an array of pathogens and infections.


Polar Bears Noel and Ivan Play in Their New Enclosure at the Copenhagen Zoo!

Polar bears Noel and Ivan were photographed exploring their new enclosure at the Copenhagen Zoo. Set to open to the public on 5th February, the new facility was a gift from shipowner A.P. Moeller and wife Chastine Mc-Kinney, presidents of Moeller’s Foundation.


20 Polar Bears found Living on an Iceberg in Greenland

It is widely believed that Polar bears spent most of their time on sea ice hunting but stay on land in summer months when the ice recedes. But a group of filmmakers shooting in Greenland found at least 20 polar bears that were living on an iceberg despite the summer showing that some preferred the sea to land all year round.


Polar Bear Cub Anori Makes Public Debut In Germany

Isn’t she cute? Polar Bear Cub Anori made her public debut at the Wuppertal Zoo in western Germany.


Orphaned Polar Bear Cub Captures The Hearts of the World

The debut of an orphaned polar bear cub in Denmark has captured the hearts of the world.


Two Thirds of Polar Bears Gone in 20-30 Years

If Canada still plans on changing their national emblem to the polar bear, they better do it quick before the bears are gone. Global warming is expected to wipe out two thirds of the world’s polar bear population within the next 20 to 30 years, a leading expert warns.


Coca-Cola and the WWF Team Up To Promote Climate Change Awareness

It is starting to become cool (pun intended) to be a polar bear. First a Canadian Senator argued that the polar bear should replace the beaver as Canada’s national emblem, now Coke has teamed up with the World Wildlife Fund to help aid the bears.


Is The Beaver On The Way Out In Canada?

If a Canadian Conservative senator has her way, beavers will be replaced by polar bears in Canada shortly. No, she isn’t suggesting that polar bears should start feeding on beavers, but rather that Canada’s emblem should no longer be the beaver (which is also the country’s national animal) but instead be replaced with the polar bear.


Underwater Elegance ~ Polar Bear Swims At The Toronto Zoo

During a trip to the Toronto Zoo last week I was lucky enough to catch one of their female Polar Bears swimming under the water.


Polar Bear Swims For Nine Days Straight To Find Ice!

We probably don’t need any further proof that we are destroying the environment with our actions, but here’s one more anyways: polar bears are having to go on epic journeys just to find some ice.


Judge upholds “Threatened” listing for Polar Bear

[Polar Bears Play on Hudson Bay, north of Churchill Manitoba] Environmentalists for a long time now have been trying to enhance the status of polar bears from ‘threatened’ to ‘endangered’ thereby allowing more protection to the species. But a federal judge last week upheld the listing to threatened under the Endangered Species Act (ESA).


Louisville Zoo to become New Home for Alaskan Rescued Polar Bear Cub

The orphaned polar bear cub that was found in the Alaskan Slopes by employees of ConocoPhillips is soon to begin its new life at the Louisville zoo where it will be brought by the end of June. Named Qannik (pronounced Ken’ick) the five month old will not be displayed immediately though as it will need time to adjust to its new home and pass quarantine.