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Endangered Whale shows Recovery Signs after Shipping Lane Moved

Thanks to collaboration between a Canadian oil company and an aquarium, the whales of Bay of Fundy are swimming carefree again without the risk of being hit by a ship. The move that was made ten years ago is reaping rewards with the population of the once extinct right whale on the rise. A decade […]


Endangered Southern Right Whales Returning to New Zealand Coasts

The endangered southern right whales that were nearly hunted to extinction during the 19th century are again finding the coasts of New Zealand safe enough to re-colonize them. Such has been the findings of a research conducted by The University of Auckland and New Zealand Department of Conservation (DOC).


Endangered Whales Chow Down in Cape Cod

A new restaurant has opened on the Cape Cod coast – but you have to be a whale to eat there. The right whale, whose easiness to hunt and kill earned them their name (the “right” whale to hunt), are now considered endangered, with only about 473 left in the world. However, shocked whale watchers and scientists have spotted 100 of them recently just off of the coast of Cape Cod in Massachusetts.