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Seal Pup Finds its Way to a Homeowner’s Couch!

What are the chances of a wild animal coming to your home and cuddling up on a couch? Most people will say none but for one Bay of Plenty, New Zealand, resident, Sunday night brought into her house an uninvited visitor in the form of a seal pup who found his way to the couch for a comfortable nap.


Lone Ginger Colored Seal Spotted in Russia

For a poor seal pup in Russia, it is not good to be born unique. A photographer spotted a seal in Tyuleniy Island, Russia which had ginger colored fur and blue eyes. Distinctly different from its black siblings, the pup was left alone and ignored by all other seals. The photographer Anatoly Strakhov said, “He […]


Seal Steals The Spotlight

It’s been quite the week to be a seal. First the U.S. Navy Seals finally got their man, Osama bin Laden, and then Manhattan got itself a new attraction – a gray spotted seal. On Wednesday afternoon the female seal was first spotted sunbathing on beach in Inwood, Manhattan, beside the Hudson River.