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First Baby Beluga Rescued by the U.S. Doing Better but Not Out of the Woods Yet

While examining a bald eagle, two Alaskan fishermen happened upon something sleek and gray in the Bristol Bay surf. It was faintly clicking and whistling and seemed to be disoriented. At first, it swam away, but soon circled back to shore. Upon spotting it again, the fisherman contacted just the right person.


Marineland And SeaWorld In A Custody Spat

The two giants in the waterpark industry, Marineland and SeaWorld, are in the midst of an ugly custody spat over Ikaika. Who is Ikaika, you ask? He’s a nine-year-old orca whale that the American SeaWorld lent to their Canadian counterpart, Marineland, back in 2006.


Volunteers Work to Help Rescue Beached Whales in Florida

Rescue workers at the shallow waters near Cudjoe Key, in the lower Florida Keys have set themselves a task to rescue pilot whales who beached in the area on Thrusday. Of the 21 whales, two have already been released back into the wild and five others are being helped to stay alive. According to officials […]