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Entire Gorilla Family from Kent to be Released into the Wild

While zoos do serve as an attraction for tourists, there are some zoos and organizations take pride themselves on being able to encourage re-population of endangered species in the wild. The private Kent zoo, in collaboration with the John Aspinall Foundation, is just one of them.


Human Mom Temporarily Adopts Baby Gorilla

As a Twycross Zoo specialist vet Sarah Chapman has spent many hours tending to the needs of the animals sometimes forgetting her own comfort. But when a baby gorilla’s mom could not look after her baby properly, Sarah adopted the role of his mother and welcomed the gorilla home.


Baby Gorilla Birth at San Diego Zoo ends a Decade Long Wait

The San Diego zoo Gorillas are busy taking care of a new member amidst them all thanks to Kokamo the 22 year old western lowland gorilla that gave birth to an infant on Friday 17 June. This is the first gorilla birth happening in the zoo after eleven years.