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How Marine Mammals Stay Underwater for Hours without Breathing

Marine mammals have a special ability, one that humans can hardly replicate. They can hold their breath for hours inside water appearing on the surface for a brief second to fill up and submerge again. Now scientists say they have finally found the property that allows these mammals to do so.


Penguins Follow Their Noses

Can you recognize a family member just by using your sense of smell? Probably not (unless you have some stinky relatives), but penguins can. In a study revealed in the September issue of Plos ONE, scientists claim that penguins can tell the difference between relatives and mates by scent.


Study Shows That Elephants Know How to Help Each Other

That Elephants are intelligent animals was always known but that they can perceive a problematic situation and take help from others is something that scientists found out after an experiment was performed on Asian elephants.