Conservationists Airlift Rhinos To Safety {Photos}

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Photos were released yesterday showing 1,400-kilo rhinos dangling from cords tied to their ankles, as a military helicopter worked to carry the herd of  to their new home, away from poachers.

During the delicate rescue operation, 19 animals were put to sleep and blindfolded before being hoisted into the air and flown by helicopters out of the South African hills to a protected area. The trip, which was just 15-miles, is less stressful for the animals than a truck ride over land. Poaching is an ever-present threat to the black rhino, according to the World Wildlife Fund who orchestrated the move.

On Thursday the WWF revealed that more rhinos have been killed in South Africa in the past 10 months than were killed in all of 2010.  Statistics from South Africa National Parks show that 341 animals have been lost to poaching so far in 2011, compared to a record total of 333 last year.

According to them the horn of the Rhino is believed to treat cancer and other ailments.  The demand for medicinal products containing rhino horn continues to increase in Vietnam and other parts of Asia despite the fact that it has no proven ability to treat cancer and is no longer a part of the official Chinese traditional medicine pharmacopeia.


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