‘Hitchhiking’ Bear Taken To B.C. Woods After Vancouver Visit {Video}

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A garbage collection employee got the surprise for his life when he discovered a bear had ‘hitchhiked’ in the back of his truck on Monday.

The 18-month-old cub is believed to have ended up in the garbage truck while rummaging for food in a Dumpster.

“That’s a common bear diet,” Conservation officer Alexandre Desjardins said this morning. “At this time of year, they know they have to get fat.”

The bear was then transported to downtown Vancouver from North Vancouver, where the truck was doing pickups earlier in the day.

When he was discovered officer Desjardins tranquillized the bear and kept him in a steel cage.  The plan now is  to take the young animal as far up the Squamish Valley Road as possible.

“There’s salmon running in the streams right now, so there’s lots of food and there’s good denning sites nearby. It will give the bear the best chance of survival,” he said. “He needs to fatten up more and likely will hibernate in a few weeks.”

The Globe and Mail reports that between April and December, officers have received more than 3,000 calls about black bears on the North Shore. As a result, 11 bears have been destroyed and more than a dozen tranquilized and relocated.

Relocated bears are marked with yellow ear tags the size of a toonie, Conservation Office Simon Gravel said. He noted that it is becoming more common for bears to roam repeatedly into populated areas.

“In North Vancouver there’s garbage year-round,” he said, “so it’s very common to see bears very late in the fall and very early in the spring.”


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