Man Decides to Live with Lions to Raise Awareness

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A Florida man named Jim Jablon has decided to spend a month in company of two adolescent lions by living in the same cage as they are.

Although, Jim is being called a crazy man according to him his move is only an attempt to raise awareness and funds for his wildlife centre. Jim has been running Wildlife Rehabilitation of Hernando, a non-profit animal shelter in Spring Hill, Florida for almost 20 years and has paid from his pocket to keep the animals, most of whom are abandoned pets.

As a way to solicit donations after struggling to run the shelter, Jim thought of this innovative act.

Some conservationists though are not amused by what Jim calls his courageous undertaking. They say that the 2003 attack on Roy Horn during a Seigfried and Roy show is proof enough that wild animals can be very dangerous.

Jim is streaming his stay with lions Ed and Leah online and people can also chat with him.

His idea is popular.  He’s had 111,000 visitors through his site in a week.  Unfortunately, when we went on everyone was asleep.

– Atula, Staff Writer


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