Orphaned Mona Monkey Hand Reared By Zoo Staff In Germany

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Isn’t he sweet?  Born on December 10th weighing just 296 grams the rare Mona Monkey was rejected shortly after birth.

Keepers at the Zoo in Magdeburg, Germany believe the mother, who is 17 years old, can’t produce milk anymore, which is why she rejected the child.

Thankfully staff stepped in and are bottle feeding the newborn round the clock.  Along with the love he is getting from the staff ‘Tom Thumb’, the name the little guy has been given, stays close to a stuffed bear.  We’ve seen this done many times with orphaned primates.  Because they cling to their mothers for their first few months of life, keepers often introduce a cuddly toy for them to hug.

The endangered primates are usually found in the forests of Africa from Ghana to Cameroon and live until they are around 22-years-old.  They can also be found on the island of Grenada as it was transported to the island aboard ships headed to the New World during the 18th century.


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