Albino Kangaroo Baby at Duisburg Zoo

Albino Kangaroo Baby at Duisburg Zoo

An adorable Albino Bennett’s wallaby was photographed coming about of it’s moms pouch at the Duisburg Zoo in Germany on June 22nd.

Indigenous to Australia, a population of albino Bennett’s wallabies also live on Bruny Island, which is located off the south-eastern coast of Tasmania.

The Duisburg Zoo notes that:

Albinism is a collective term for birth defects in the biosynthesis of melanin (pigment or dyes) and the resulting lighter skin, hair and eye color. Affected animals are called albinos, mostly affected people prefer the more neutral form of “albinos” before. Albinism occurs when people worldwide with an incidence of approximately 1:20,000.

We think it’s pretty cute!