Baby Killer Whale Born at Marineland France

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Marineland, south of France was a buzz on Thursday(April 14) after they welcomed a new baby killer whale.

The two metre long female, who arrived weighing a healthy 150kg, is a first in Europe. Her father comes from San Diego.

The gestation period of a killer whale is about 17 months — the longest known of all cetaceans.

For the next year the baby whale will grow 4 inches per month. She will get her nutrition by nursing from her mom.

The mother’s milk is very rich so that the calf rapidly develops a thick, insulating layer of blubber. The milk fat content fluctuates as the calf develops, ranging from about 48% milk fat at the beginning of the nursing period and gradually decreasing to approximately 28% in the months that follow.

Marineland used many video cameras to document the baby killer whale’s arrival. Here are some photo they captured:


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