Human care Saves Twin Polar Bear Abandoned by Mother

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Thanks to the efforts of breeders at the Dalian Laohutan Pole Aquarium in Northeast China, twin polar bears that were abandoned by their mother are healthy and growing well. The brother and sister pair is now three months old.

In nature, it is difficult for twins to survive as the mother usually chooses the stronger of the two babies to feed and leaves the other on luck as the supply of food is limited.

When the twins were born in the Pole Aquarium on January 7th 2011, the mother stopped nursing them four hours after birth. She left them on the icy cement floor and completely ignored them.

The parents of the twins had been brought from Finland as part of the folk emissaries of friendship between China and Finland. They were brought from Finland National Park in 2001 and the twins were their second birth.

When the mother refused to nurse her babies, the animal experts at the shelter decided to remove them from the area to safeguard their future. The babies were then given artificial care and nursing to help them grow stronger and healthier.

The task though was not easy, one of the breeders recounts,

“At the time of emergency treatment, the baby bears’ heartbeat stopped. I sat there and burst out crying. We three breeders all cried. While crying, I felt that its heart began to beat again – since its heart was close to mine and its face was on mine too,” recalled Li Li, a breeder at the Dalian Laohutan Pole Aquarium.

Their efforts seems to be paying off as the male bear now weighs 16kgs as compared to 500 gms during birth and is over one metre tall. The sister weighs 15.2 kgs and is 85 cms tall. They spend time playing together and have already learned to walk.


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