London Zoo welcomes Three Sets of Twins

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ZSL London Zoo is being showered with twin surprises all this month. The zoo welcomed this February three sets of twins from three different animals, within days of each other!

Keeping zookeepers extremely busy and pleasantly surprised this month were the cotton-top tamarins, the slender lorises and the giant jumping rats of London zoo. All three set of parents welcomed twins into their family.

Zookeeper Nick Garrett said, “It’s exciting when we have just one new arrival at the Zoo, but to have three sets of twins arrive is really something special – there must be something in the water!”

The first ones to arrive were the twin cotton-top tamarins after mom Sabi delivered the babies post a five month pregnancy. These animals are critically endangered and therefore the double addition is surely a welcome sight. The babies were delivered early in the morning by Sabi as father Turbo looked on. They were both born 5 cm tall and have been named Jedwards by the zookeeper because of the white tuft of hair popping on top of their head. The young ones are mostly spending their time on their mother’s back.

The next pair to arrive was the zoo’s grey slender lorises. Mom Samaya and dad Saman welcomed in the middle of the night two beautiful lorises. The pair are also extra special as these animals are usually known to have a single offspring. The nocturnal creatures are tiny and the babies weighed 20 grams though they will eventually wigh almost 200gms as they grow into an adult.

It was the giant jumping rat’s enclosure that next turned into a maternity ward. The twins arrived completely hairless and their eyes shut. They are spending their time huddled in the comfortable boxes and gaining strength each day to become as beautiful as their parents.

Garett said, “The cotton-top tamarins are really precious because their species is so endangered in the wild and it’s really unusual for slender lorises to give birth to more than one offspring.”

It is surely going to be three times more fun to visit the zoo’s brand new pair of twins.



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