Passengers on Delta Airlines Get Penguins as Co-Passengers

Passengers on Delta Airlines Get Penguins as Co-Passengers

Passengers on board the Delta Airlines flight bound for New York were in for a pleasant surprise when two special passengers suddenly began waddling inside the aircraft mid-air. The two were none other than Sea World bound penguins Pete and Penny!

Passenger Jane Worthington Roth was one of the lucky few to be travelling with the penguins and uploaded a video of the duo strolling on the aisle.

She wrote, “When we reached cruising altitude, the captain allowed their handler to take them for a stroll up and down the aisle so that everyone could take a look at the cute, one-foot-tall penguins and get some great photos and videos.”

The pilot allowed the trainers to let the penguin out of their kennels and walk the aisle when the flight was mid-air. For passengers it was a memorable experience.They laughed in delight to see the two flightless birds wobble on the aisle as their aircraft flew towards NY.

The two were on their way to New York to be part of the premiere of the upcoming Discovery Channel/BBC series “Frozen Planet,” which premieres Sunday, March 18. The show has been narrated by Alec Baldwin and is a beautiful portrait of Earth’s Polar Regions.

 “It’s the first time I’ve ever seen everyone on a plane smiling at the same time!” Roth wrote on her YouTube page.